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The cost of dental implants explained

Our thanks go out to Dr David Cashel who is an experienced cosmetic dentist based in Glasgow who also offers dental implants services. David explains in the following article why you have to be careful when comparing the cost of dental implants.

Normally a dental implant is made up of three different components :

The dental implant
the abutment
the replacement tooth, crown, denture or bridge

If you’re being quoted for dental implants it is very important to make sure that each component is included in the price. Prices will vary depending on your location, the materials used  and the dental implant system in question. There is plenty more information on dental implants here – ADI(Uk)


Many people are sucked into what they believe is a very competitive price, only to find out that the abutment or the replacement tooth or both have not been included in the original price. Dr Cashel also believes you should go for quality as your top marker. If the materials used are not made of titanium, particularly the implant, then you should think again. The thing to bear in mind about titanium is that it actually fuses with the bone to form a rock solid replacement tooth root. No other implant material can do this so while titanium is a fairly expensive option, the benefits it brings far outweigh the cost.
You should also make sure that the dentist who will be placing your implants has a strong track record of success in this area. Ask him or her to give you examples of previous cases and ask for testimonials from existing clients. Any good implant dentist will be more than happy to allow you to contact previous patients.

Finally, there’s been a lot of comment in the media about dental holidays. This is where people fly abroad for cheap dental work and have a holiday at the same time, the leaving that the total cost is around the same as they would have paid back in the UK. While there are many competent and experienced dental implants dentists throughout Europe, you need to know that if something goes wrong then it will be put right at no further expense to yourself. In the UK, the majority of dental implant dentists will offer a minimum five-year guarantee on their services. Indeed many now offer 10 year guarantees.
If you have your dental implants procedure performed abroad and something goes wrong then you’re faced with an difficult decision. Dr Cashel has seen many patients with botched implants who have had to go through restorative surgery in order to have working teeth again. So not only are they out of pocket for the original poor work, they then have to pay to have it done again.

As with almost anything in life, if you’re spending a lot of money then it is wise to do your own research. Dr Cashel has had many patients who have had over 20 years of trouble-free implants and there is a flexible finance package which allows you to spread the cost over several years.