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Home Teeth Whitening v Professional Treatment

Although the majority of on-line reviews show that the results of professional teeth whitening are faster and more immediately obvious, there are many advantages to ‘DIY’ or ‘at home’ kits. A huge variety of these types of kits are now available, ranging from ‘over-the-counter’ mouth guards and gel, to custom made trays – there are even kits available that come with UV lights.

With an almost baffling amount of choice, what are the pros and cons of having a go at whitening your own teeth in comparison to sticking with your dentist?

Over recent years, the effectiveness of home whitening kits has improved dramatically. Amazon reviews show many customers now swear by products such as Crest Whitening Strips and Doll White, and are happy to testify to the excellent results that they have achieved. Many of these kits now come packaged as strips, meaning that there are no messy mouth guards or gel, and that development time is usually around 30 minutes.

Of course, one of the major benefits of home teeth whitening versus professional treatment is the cost – professional teeth whitening can cost many hundreds of pounds, in comparison to around £10 for a week course of unbranded strips!

Now, to the downside of that DIY kit that you’ve seen on offer… many users of DIY kits have complained of increased (and in some cases quite severe) increased tooth sensitivity. A few have even stated that these effects are long lasting, extending well beyond the few hours that the majority of users report.

Dentists are quick to point out that some of the cheaper and unbranded products may damage teeth and gums, and of course, the whitening effect is simply not as instantaneously visible with the home whitening kits. There is also a good argument that any process which could cause lasting damage to your teeth should be supervised by a professional, or at least only carried out after consultation with your dentist.

The key here is to research the product that you are considering, and if in any doubt, ensure that you talk to your dentist prior to starting the course.