Finding the Perfect Orthodontist

Finding the Perfect Orthodontist

Whether it’s for you or your child, if you’re in the market for orthodontic work, then you need to have the best possible orthodontist to do it. The good news is that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one these days. However, the flip side of this benefit is that you’re going to have to do some pretty serious homework before you make your final choice. Without the best possible orthodontist working for you, you may not end up with the perfect teeth you had in mind too. Here’s what to look for.

A Specialist

Many dentists are qualified to do all kinds of procedures we usually associate solely with orthodontists. For example, many dentists are able to put Invisalign braces on your teeth or even do traditional braces. However, that doesn’t mean they’re your best option, even if they are more convenient to visit.
Orthodontists don’t just go to dental school. They usually graduate top of their class and then spend three more years doing rigorous study to attain their orthodontist’s degree.
Even for something as seemingly simple as Invisalign braces, you want someone who will know how to look for other potential issues too. An orthodontist is more likely to know all the different procedures that can be used to help you get the perfect teeth you always wanted.

Go with a Private Practice

You should also look for a private practice. If you end up with an orthodontist that is simply on staff for a larger company, you run the risk that they’ll leave at some point while you still have braces on. This isn’t the end of the world, by any means, but it’s much better to have the same doctor the entire time.

This won’t happen at a private practice because the orthodontist owns it. So you’ll start with and finish with the same practitioner.

Furthermore, go with a private practice that is at it full time. More than likely, your private practice orthodontist will be working plenty of hours, but be sure. While you shouldn’t expect any emergency problems with braces, little things may crop up like wires that poke you or a piece that falls off. Ideally, you want to know you can stop in at anytime during the week and get help from your orthodontist.

Find Flexible Financing

Getting braces is never cheap, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unaffordable. Look for a private practice that will offer flexible financing options to help ease the burden a bit. Given how expensive orthodontic work often is, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Try to find a practice that is in your insurance network, offers 0% financing and who will accept a down payment with ongoing monthly payments.

Don’t Fall for Bargain Service Though

You’d never expect to find a brand new car with 0% financing and half the normal price. If someone tried to sell you one, you’d rightfully react with skepticism. While most orthodontists are going to be above such reproach, this type of thing happens from time to time. Sure, you save some money upfront, but the service you receive in return leaves a lot to be desired.

Read Reviews Online

Most orthodontists can be found on Internet review sites where you can find what prior customers thought of them. This is a huge advantage, but you should also ask around your social circle and see what people whom you actually know have to say. Plus, this way you can examine the results up close too.

There’s no doubt that finding the perfect orthodontist will take a little extra work on your part. However, when you consider how important their work is it’s definitely worth it.