Professional Teeth Whitening V At-Home Kits

In order to have a great smile, it’s important to have a bright and white set of teeth. However, as we age and as a result of various lifestyle choices, our teeth become stained or damaged. Thanks to professional teeth whitening treatment, it is possible to bring back the natural whiteness of your smile.

There are also several at-home kits available, which may be able to help you out. Both of them have some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Professional Teeth Whitening V At-Home Kits

Effectiveness: In terms of effectiveness, professional teeth whitening is way ahead. They use strong bleaching agent to remove even the toughest of stains. However, At-home kits lack the bleaching strength, and will not be able to rid of the tough stains caused by tobacco or alcohol. It will whiten just some of the areas, which will lead to less complete overall results. They are also fully effective if you have teeth which are properly aligned. If you have crooked teeth, then it may not work as you’d hoped.

Entire Mouth: Professional teeth whitening will take care of your entire mouth. If you want all your teeth to become brighter, then professional teeth whitening is by far the best option. At Home-Kits will only work for the front teeth. The teeth in the backward portion of your mouth won’t be benefited. Hence, if you are only worried about your front teeth, then you may consider at-home kits.

Safety: In terms of safety as well, professional teeth whitening is way ahead. The entire process takes place under the supervision of a professional, and there is no chance of any side effects. However, at-home kits may irritate your gums. Since there is no one to guide you, many people don’t apply it properly.

Faster Results: If you have a special occasion coming up and you are looking for fast results, then you should go for professional teeth whitening. You will be able to see a difference, the moment you come out from the dentist’s office. However, in case of at-home kits, you have to apply them for several weeks, before waiting for a result. The benefits of professional teeth whitening also last for far longer than at-home kits.
Cost: Professional Teeth Whitening may be more effective, but it generally costs a lot more. It is not possible for everyone to invest so much. If your condition is not very serious and you don’t want to spend much, then at-home kits will be best for you.