What is ‘Teeth in a day’?

How You Can Get Teeth in a Day

If your smile could use some help, you may have put off the decision of having work done for a number of reasons. One of them was probably that you didn’t want to spend months waiting to get your new teeth along with all the other complications that can come with the procedure. Fortunately, now this no longer needs to be an issue that keeps you from smiling with confidence. With All-on-Four implants, you can get brand new teeth in a single day.

Who Are They For?

All-on-Four braces are really for people who have the most severe of dental problems. If you just want straighter teeth or need one replaced, this wouldn’t be for you. However, if you have to hide your smile because you’re embarrassed by how much damage has been done to them, then All-on-Four implants are definitely an option worth exploring.

For example, do you currently wear dentures of some sort? Are the teeth you have beginning to fail you and you know it’s only a matter of time before they’ll have to be pulled? Could your smile benefit from a full restoration of the top or bottom row?

How Do They Work?

The great thing is that, as the name makes clear, All-on-Four implants only need four points in your jaw for them to be installed. One option is to simply attach them right into your jawbone. However, many people have jawbones that are falling apart or otherwise don’t provide enough material for an installation to take place. This may have convinced you in the past that permanent implant solutions simply weren’t possible them.

Well, now you can throw those dentures away because we have the technology to move bone from one portion of your body and graft it on your jaw. With that, the orthodontist will have more than enough bone to apply All-on-Four implants.

Best of all, this entire procedure is one that can happen while you’re comfortably asleep. That’s why this is a single day solution (unless the aforementioned bone graft is needed). You’ll walk in with the smile you no longer want and in a couple hours, will walk back out with beautiful new teeth.

Permanent Dentures

All-on-Four implants are essentially permanent dentures. This means that once they’re installed, they’re staying there. You never have to worry about taking them off when you go to bed at night or to clean then. Sleep soundly with these dentures in and never worry that you’ll experience issues.

In fact, you can even leave them in to clean. You’ll just brush them exactly like you would your normal teeth, with a toothbrush and everything.  Once they’re in, these are your new teeth for life!

Installations That Won’t Budge

It’s not just that All-on-Four implants are permanent. It’s that they also stay perfectly in place. If you currently wear dentures, you may struggle with the fact that they are constantly moving around. Trying to eat with them, for example, can be a terrible challenge, because their movement means that food can become trapped and cause further problems.

On top of that, non-permanent solutions mean you constantly have to worry about the embarrassment that occurs if they pop out during conversations.

Again, All-on-Four implants aren’t going anywhere. They’ll sit in your mouth and stay there just like anyone else’s teeth would.

Ask your orthodontist today about All-on-Four implants or do a Google search for dental professionals in your area who specialize in this procedure. The procedure is easy and the result is permanent, meaning you can enjoy a beautiful smile for the rest of your life.